GPSC Updates on 08-02-2018

8 February, 2018 |
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GPSC Updates on 08-02-2018

• Detailed Interview Programme, Advt. No. 99/2016-17,Municipal Health Officer, Gujarat State Municipal Health Service, Class-2

• Provisional Answer Key, Advt. No. 57/2017-18, Lecturer, Agadatantra and Vidhi Ayurved, Class-2

• Provisional Answer Key, Advt. No. 52/2017-18, Lecturer, Kriya Sharir, Class-2

• Provisional Answer Key, Advt. No. 51/2017-18, Lecturer, Rachna Sharir, Class-2

• Final Answer Key, General studies of Advt. No. 40,45,53,56,61 /2017-18

• Final Answer Key, Advt. No. 61/2017-18, Lecturer, Shalya Tantara, Class-2

• Final Answer Key, Advt. No. 56/2017-18, Lecturer, Swasthavritta, Class-2

• Final Answer Key, Advt. No. 53/2017-18, Lecturer, Dravyaguna, Class-2

• Final Answer Key, Advt. No. 45/2017-18, Social Welfare Officer, Class-2 (Special Drive)

• Final Answer Key, Advt. No. 40/2017-18, Assistant Engineer (Civil), Class-2 (Special Drive)

• Result of Interview, Advt. No. 105/2016-17, District Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer and Equivalent, Gujarat Education Service, Class-1 (Administrative Branch)

• Result of Interview, Advt. No. 129/2016-17, Assistant Research Officer, General State Service, Narmada, Water Resources, Water Supply & Kalpasar Department, Class-2

• Important Notice/Instruction Advt. No. 121/2016-17, Gujarat Administrative Service, Class-1 and Gujarat Civil Services, Class-1 and Class-2